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New School Socks

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Let's be real, you can wear any socks you want... black, white, rainbow, tall socks, low socks... Sometimes you just want a classy design in navy blue. Maybe it matches your kit. Or maybe you just think it looks cool. That's what we're going for here. We want a cool design that you enjoy with all of the technical features you'd expect from a great athletic sock.


I'm really happy with these designs, and I hope you like them, too! If you want your feet to have fun while you ride, then grab some of these and go. Or, check out the 3-pack with all 3 designs included and save a few bucks.


These socks are comfy, they help deal with moisture when you're working out, and have their own fun, classy style. I'm sure you'll enjoy them, whether you're cycling, running, hiking, or just plain living your best life. Do it with some style on your feet.


Mid-lightweight design all-around.

Mesh on top of the foot for maximum moisture management.

Classic cycling height.


80% nylon, 17% polyester, 3% spandex = 100% dope AF